"You've seen me these three days and I always have a smile on my face. I feel so happy and blessed. I was discouraged to come the first day. But on the way home I was sharing with my neighbors and family what I learned. I was so excited to come back that I even dreamed about being here!"



God is opening doors around the world for women's teaching teams! Your sisters are eagerly waiting to learn more about God's Word and experience how He can transform lives. We lead conferences to encourage them, train them in Scripture, and provide a space for restful community. Each member of the team will teach God’s Word and share how God has worked in their own life. 

We will also participate in the ministries of our national leaders. Their ministries focus on the needs of the most vulnerable in their community. Our privilege is to share His message of hope – that God has not forgotten them and sees them in their deepest need. Come join our next Strength & Dignity team and meet these sisters for yourself!


    There is a lack of biblical training around the world. In fact, only 10% of the world's pastors are trained—and these are almost entirely men. Among low-income countries, just 20% have achieved gender parity at the primary education level, 10% at the lower secondary level and only 8% at the upper secondary level. While there are no official statistics, one can only imagine the small likelihood of women in these communities having any access to formal training in the Word of God. This is a gap that our Strength and Dignity Women’s Ministry is working to fill.

    Women in areas of deep poverty experience a life full of hardships, and being part of the Christian community does not mean protection from abuse or neglect. The first time we brought a group of women together for a conference, we found strength in vulnerability—connecting deeply with women through their stories of infertility, marriage struggles, and difficulties finding purpose in life.

    Through hosting these Strength and Dignity conferences we hope women the world over will come to know that they are seen by God and deeply loved.


    Haiti: January 8-13th, 2019. This trip costs $1,650. The application deadline is August 25th, 2018.

    Mozambique: May 25- June 7th 2019. This trip costs $3,500. The application deadline is December 27th, 2018.

    South Asia: July 16th-29th, 2019. This trip costs $3,500. The application deadline is January 27th, 2019.

    Myanmar: November 16-26th, 2019. This trip costs $3,000. The application deadline is July 25th, 2019.


    Teams are limited to only 4 members. Small teams allow each woman to teach and utilize her gifts. Spots on teams may fill up before the application deadline, so please send in your application as soon as possible. Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted about an interview. We are so thankful that you are interested in serving with us!


    Mai Mai attended our Strength & Dignity conference this past August. She also helps care for our teams when we visit Haiti. Mai Mai has just emerged from a season of deep struggle. Last year, her husband began to abuse her and see other women. Mai Mai lived in the same home with him, but they never spoke. He made it clear that he didn’t want her. He made plans to take their two kids away from her and move to the U.S. But before he could, he became sick and died. Mai Mai has been dealing with the pain of his betrayal while still grieving the loss of her husband.

    In the wake of this tragedy, she has been liberated through Jesus Christ.

    "She is free now. She can hope again, when once she was stuck. This loss brought tears, but God knows what He is doing."- Jean Marie, CRI Project Leader in Haiti

    If you ask Ruth or Ann from Mesquite Bible Church, who met Mai Mai last year, she has completely transformed. Last year she was distant and uninvolved in the woman’s Bible study. Her marital struggles weighed heavily on her. But this year she stood before a large group of women and led the Bible study with strength and boldness—her dignity restored. Christ has freed her.

    Our hope is that other women like Mai Mai find freedom in Christ.

For more information contact our International Women's Ministry Developer, Kaley Harper at kaley@childrensrelief.org.