Our mission is to take the light of Christ to the poor of our time.


Our Journey

Our journey as an organization began when Alan & Melody Pieratt returned from a decade of missionary service in Brazil. While on furlough in late 1999, they felt called to start a mission that worked among the poor, enabling native missionaries that have a heart for their people. The first meeting of the board of directors was held in March of 2000. Since that time CRI has grown from one project in Mozambique to over a dozen, from one staff member (Alan) to over 60 and from one program that delivers aid to over 20.

An early CRI team holds a medical camp in Mozambique (circa 2002).

An early CRI team holds a medical camp in Mozambique (circa 2002).

The first Deep Forest church plant (circa 2008).

The first Deep Forest church plant (circa 2008).



Outcomes We Seek

We look for four outcomes or results from our work. They form the acronym CARE, standing for Care, Awaken, Raise, and Enable. All of these outcomes lead to the Church being grown, worldwide.

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The most urgent spiritual and physical needs in our world begin with children. Learn how we care and educate them, their families and their community.


As we were awakened to the needs of the poor, so our goal is to awaken God's people to compassion and generosity by sharing our experience.


We provide to those who are open to making life-directing decisions exposure to God's Word combined with overseas experience at our project sites.


We recruit, train, send and support both International and Western missionaries. 




Our People

At Children's Relief International our people are our lifeblood. Everything we accomplish depends on relationships of trust built over time. We all share a common set of convictions, mission and commitment to take Christ to the poor. We are thankful that our staff now ministers in eight countries located in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In each location, our leaders develop strategies that take the light of Christ to the poor of their communities.




"Accountability starts with me, the president of Children's Relief International. I have the privilege of being the first in the line of accountability to our board of directors, to staff, to donors, to the IRS, and to the ECFA. I have the privileged position of taking Christ to the poor and enabling and encouraging others to do the same. To the extent that I can show that we do this well, I honor both the One who called us and the stakeholders who make our work possible. Financial accountability is essential because our donors' funds are sacred. They have been given into our hands to fulfill our mission of taking Christ to the poor. They are no less reserved for the pursuit of the Kingdom than funds given to the Temple in the Old Testament or to a church in the New Testament."

Dr. Alan Pieratt, PhD, MNM
Founder & President



Statement of Faith

Our doctrinal statement at Children's Relief International is produced by our board of directors. It gives an overview of biblical doctrine that is evangelical in nature, while also reflecting the historical Christian creeds and confessions. The Statement defines the biblical perspective that guides our missions.