CRI slays the "Hill Country" giants (Joshua 14:12) of poverty, ignorance, false beliefs, abandonment, oppression, and injustice. Our short-term teams serve as one of our strategies to take Christ to the poor.

What about trip costs & countries?

Typically, our short-term team trips run between one and two weeks. The cost of the trip includes airfare and in-country expenses. Trip costs vary by location, time of year, and length of stay. We encourage team members to raise financial support through CRI to help cover costs.

What will I do?

We at CRI cater in-country activities to the team. We delegate team roles based on each member's unique strengths. Trust us. You will stay busy in tangible, hands-on ways. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and experience how God works in other parts of the world.

Will I be changed?

When you witness the injustice of poverty up-close, you will acquire a new perspective of yourself and our world. This, and the relationships that you create with your teammates, could change you forever.

Short-term team opportunities

Throughout the year, our teams serve at many of our project sites. Please contact us to determine which short-term team trip best suits you.

Ready to serve the poor with us?

Have questions about going on a trip?