Equipping Ministers of the Gospel

Only 10% of pastors in developing countries receive any biblical education. Our scholarships equip students with the professional training they need to become ministers of the gospel.

Men and women around the world feel called to share the message of Christ with their communities. They sacrifice money, security, and their family’s approval to receive a biblical education. By partnering with local seminaries and bible colleges, our national leaders in Haiti and Myanmar empower students to pursue their call to ministry. Through our Bible Training Scholarship, you can ease a student’s financial burden and make their attendance possible. Your commitment covers one student’s tuition, school supplies, transportation, food costs, as well as faculty salaries. Because of you, one man or woman realizes their dream of serving the LORD and the poor, but countless others may come to know Him.

You can support a Bible Training student by sponsoring the program at $40 a month.


CETHEM in Haiti

In rural Haiti, most pastors receive no biblical training. This lack of education and resources results in widespread false doctrines and syncretism. Our partners in Haiti, Jean and Jean Marie, started CETHEM Bible College to reverse this trend. The college trains future pastors and church leaders so that they impact their churches and communities for the glory of God.


KTC in Myanmar

In the villages of Myanmar, few people have heard the name of Jesus Christ. People embrace animism, unaware that the God of Love longs for a relationship with them. The men and women who attend Kalay Theological College (KTC) are exceptions to this trend. They have heard the story of Jesus and seek greater understanding of his teachings.


Four times a year, you'll receive an update about the students in our Bible Training Scholarship program worldwide. Updates will consist of photos, stories, and news from our national partners.