'R' experienced God’s grace in salvation at the age of seven and continued to grow under the upbringing of her Christian parents. 'J' was raised in a Christian home as well, but did not come to know Christ personally until he was 19. After a near-fatal chemical accident at J's work, God placed it on their hearts to resign from their jobs and commit to full-time ministry. They graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2011 and returned home to South Asia, where they live with their four children.

The 'Y' Family strives to plant churches among first-generation believers. They conduct several AIDS outreach programs in their city, especially among orphans and families. R’s medical and counseling degrees allow them to conduct mobile medical clinics and provide basic counseling specifically for women who live in the villages outside their city.

Support the Y Family

The Y Family are ministering to their people in the face of opposition. This ministry is only possible through prayer and financial partnership. You can be a part of this good work in Southeast Asia.


Sponsorship Opportunities

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Miracle Milk

For $10 a month, you can help bring the hope of Christ and nutrition to the children of Miracle Milk.
 Miracle Milk serves 70 children, but many more need our help. Most children in our program have HIV.


Project Life

For $25 a month, you help HIV/AIDS widows and their families be cared for. Our program provides Biblical counsel, and food distributions to those in deep poverty.

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Hope Farm

When an HIV/AIDS orphan turns 18 they are no longer cared for by the government. Hope Farm is a safe place for teens to be loved and equipped for adulthood. We are currently in the foundational stages of building development.