Blessing was raised in a Christian school with daily exposure to the Word of God. She attributes her hope, life, confidence and salvation to this upbringing. Jackson saw firsthand the attitude of the people of his country, and he observed that it is the children who suffer when everyone is out for himself. This sparked a long-term dream to open a Christian school in their village, which sits on the Muslim-Christian border of the country.

In late 2010, Jackson and Blessing prayed that God would prepare the way for them to receive their first students. One year later, they opened the doors to the Grace & Knowledge Academy. They have 200+ enrolled in Grace & Knowledge Academy and High School and attending their Bible Club weekly. In 2014, Jackson completed his Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary, and in October, they moved back home to Nigeria with their daughter, Mayo.

Grace & Knowledge Academy & High School

The children at the Grace & Knowledge Academy (GKA) and High School (GKHS) come from desperately poor homes. Having the chance to attend Grace & Knowledge gives them hope for a better future. Our project leaders, Jackson and Blessing Rowland-Adeniyi, say:

"The open doors at Grace & Knowledge Academy mark the realization of a dream—to build a school with the Word of God and Christian values at its core. It is too big a dream, too wide, too strong, and too important for us alone. But with your help, we can accomplish this."

Nigeria Sponsorship Opportunities


GKA (Elementary)

For $40 a month, you can provide education, uniforms, nutrition, regular medical check-ups and the love of Jesus to elementary students at GKA.


GKHS (High School)

You can provide room, board, education, and the love of Jesus to students at GKHS for $40 a month. Full tuition is $160 a month. Each child can be sponsored up to 4 times.


Tessa Grace (Babies)

Give life to babies in Nigeria for only $25 a month. Your sponsorship provides nutrition, medical care and education to young mothers.



Grace & Knowledge: Twice a year, you'll receive an update about your child, which will consist of either a new photo, card, note, or drawing. You will also receive updates from Blessing Rowland-Adeniyi, the Grace & Knowledge principal.

Tessa Grace: You will receive stories and photo updates about babies and children in our Tessa Grace ministries around the world at least three times a year.

Future Expansion Opportunities

As Grace & Knowledge continues to grow, the need for more space increases for both students and staff. You can be a part of the future of GKA and GKHS by giving to their capital campaign. Architectural renderings below show the proposed expansion which will begin as additional classroom space and be used for administrative space in the future as the school grows into further phases.

To begin the next phase we need to raise $20,000.
We need your help build the future of Grace & Knowledge.

I want to give to the GKHS Future Expansion:

Architectural Renderings