In rural areas, women and children living in deep poverty fetch water for their families. The task keeps women from work and children from education. Each day, they walk miles, jugs-in-hand, to retrieve unclean water. Upon consumption, many contract diseases and parasites. In developing countries, unsafe water causes 80% of all diseases. And poor sanitation takes the life of a child every 20 seconds (United Nations).

Our Global Water program establishes clean water solutions in areas of need. Where water exists, we distribute water filters. For communities without close sources, we drill wells. To ensure that our solutions last, we provide instruction on filter and well maintenance. Wells reside near churches, where our international partners invite families to hear the Gospel. 

Because of our Global Water program, more women earn wages, and more children attend school. Families know Christ and lead healthier lives. 



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The cost to build a well ranges from $3,000 and $5,000. Our wells have steel heads and cement covers for durability. They reach up to 200 feet to the cleanest water.