For over a decade, CRI’s Global Housing program has built Green Door homes for the poorest of the poor in Mozambique. The term “Green Door” dates back to 2008—to our first home recipient. As a symbol of God’s gift of life in Genesis 1, we painted the family’s door green. Now, the tradition continues. We have expanded our program to multiple locations in Mozambique. And our Green Door homes remind families and neighborhoods of the life that we have through Christ. 

With cement blocks, wood trusses, and tin roofs for sturdiness, we build homes to last a lifetime. Our local committee chooses home recipients, often orphans and widows. If they are able, new home owners help with construction. Many attend our home stewardship classes.



Families in Need

The cost to build a home is $2,600. To elect a family in need, watch the videos below. Then click to provide a home.



Chico Benjamin

Joao Paulino

Tina Alberto

Tina is 32 with two children. Her husband passed away last year. She lost everything in Cyclone Idai.

"Owning own house is good for me because I will be safe. I will feel safe with my children."

Viano Gimo

Viano was born in 1938. He is married with seven children. Three of his children live with him and his wife.

"So, with my own house, I'll be able to go and bring my family together, we'll live together, and we'll start our new life in a cement a house that belongs to us."

Tina Rosdeu

Tina is 24 with four children. She is married, but Cyclone Idai’s floods have left him stranded in the forest.

"During the cyclone, our house collapsed. Only now, all I'm thinking of is having a house where I can stay with the babies and, also, I'm praying for food to provide for them."


Interested in raising funds to build a Green Door home?
We can help! Check out our #blockheadchallenge here.



Sponsored Families

Below are videos of individuals and families who have received Green Door homes from people just like you. Watch their stories. See the impact that sponsors have made in their lives.



Maria Luis (ONE) - SPONSORED!

Eulalia L. - SPONSORED!

Zelinha Sixpence -SPONSORED!

Celestina Zeca - SPONSORED!

Catarina Antonio - SPONSORED!

Domingas Mola - SPONSORED!

Luisa Armando - SPONSORED!

Florencia Jeful - SPONSORED!