Haiti Sponsorship Opportunities


Green Door Project

$6,500/home. That’s all it takes to provide a home to those in need. A Green Door Home is built for generations to come. Families are able to have a safe place to call home without fear of the rains. You can provide a home most cannot dream of being able to provide on their own.


Tessa Grace Nutrition

1 in 4 children in Haiti do not reach the age of 5 due to malnourishment and the lack of medical care. $25/month supports the launching of a new program in the spring that aims to provide nutrition and medical care to babies in need. The Josephs hope to start with 10 babies. 


Hesed Children’s Club

The public education system in Haiti is broken and many families cannot afford to send their children to school. $25/month provides tutoring 4 days a week, regular meals, backpacks, books, uniforms and the love of Christ to children who would otherwise go uneducated.


Global Water Program

Clean water is a must for all of us. Unfortunately, it is not readily available in Haiti. Many become sick or die each year due to easily treatable water-borne diseases. $20 will give a family a water filter that can provide up to 1 million gallons of water, enough for 20-30 years.

Support our leaders in Haiti

The work CRI provides in Haiti continues to thrive under the great leadership of the Josephs and Allegrettos. If you would like to support them in the lasting work they are accomplishing in Haiti, you can do so below. (Staff members and missionaries at CRI raise support for their salaries.)


Jean & Jean-Marie Joseph

Hesed and Truth Ministries Haiti


Ricky & Sarah Allegretto

Haiti Field Director


Hesed Children’s Club: Twice a year, you'll receive an update about your child, which will consist of either a new photo, card, note, or drawing. You will also receive updates from the Josephs.

Tessa Grace: You will receive stories and photo updates about babies and children in our Tessa Grace ministries around the world at least three times a year.