Keith Green

Chief Story Teller/Communications Director

Holly Green

Green Door Project - Mozambique

Your Support Changes Lives

Here are just a few of the numbers we are celebrating from 2016. We are honored to be a part of this lasting work and would love for you to join us as we take the light of Christ to the poor all over the world.

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62,516 Men, Women & Children Received Medical Care

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52 Green Door Homes Built & 28 Men Employed

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4,928 Families & Children Fed

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2,210 Children
Attended School, VBS & Bible Clubs

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448 Believers Baptized

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410 Babies Received Help Through Tessa Grace Nutrition

Artboard 14.png

14 Water Wells Drilled

Artboard 10.png

29 Teams Served the Poor in our Projects Overseas