Our Tessa Grace Nutrition program saves lives of malnourished and under-developed babies.

Where there is deep poverty there is also hunger, illness and injustice, and it is often the children who suffer most. The infant mortality rate testifies to this fact. In parts of Africa and Asia approximately one out of four babies dies before they reach the age of five. This is true for the children and mothers of Dondo, Mozambique, home to Children's Relief International's Ray of Light Project. Tessa Grace Nutrition was created in response to the overwhelming need of malnourished babies and children who live in and around the village. 

The program provides help in the form of milk, miracle mix (a nutritional supplement), health checks, consultations, and preventative care education. We share Christ with the mothers through prayer and devotionals. Success is seen as healthy babies "graduate" from our program and mothers better understand how to care for their children. They are also introduced to the God who loves them unconditionally. Since 2010, the Mozambique Tessa Grace program has shared the love of Jesus in Word and deed with hundreds of HIV+ moms, widows, orphans and babies, helping them live healthier.

The Mozambique Tessa Grace program has been so successful that we have decided to expand to other parts of the world. No two programs are exactly alike but all of them have the same goals in mind: to provide nutrition for malnourished babies and children and share the hope of Jesus in both Word and deed.


Tessa grace Mozambique

Weekly, our medically trained staff monitor the 100+ babies in the program. We provide milk, miracle mix and health checks. Once Tessa Grace babies reach the "healthy" threshold they graduate from the program after undergoing a thorough examination by a medical doctor. We hold preventative care classes and weekly times of prayer and devotionals.

You can support Tessa Grace Mozambique by sponsoring the program at $25 a month. 


Tessa grace south asia

At Tessa Grace South Asia, we work with our national leaders to identify undernourished babies and children in the poverty stricken forest region where they work. The program supports two nurses who travel from home to home, providing children with milk and miracle mix and educating mothers on how best to care for their families. We pray for the mothers, children and often the whole household and share the love of Jesus. The milk and miracle mix ultimately raise the quality of life for the entire family. 

You can support Tessa Grace South Asia by sponsoring the program at $25 a month. 


Tessa Grace miracle milk

Tessa Grace Miracle Milk is a powerful ministry that helps HIV infected children living in a government orphanage. Seven days a week, we provide milk mixed with miracle mix (ground peanuts, corn, rice and nutrient-rich moringa leaves) in Christ's name. These kids need all the food and love we can give them. To them, a glass of Miracle Milk a day can mean the difference between life and death. 

You can support Tessa Grace Miracle Milk by sponsoring the program at $10 a month. This ensures the children receive a glass of Miracle Milk seven days a week.