Tessa Grace Nutrition

One out of four babies in areas of poverty dies before they reach the age of five. These babies receive necessary help through Tessa Grace. They are fed formula to survive, given appropriate healthcare, and their mothers are equipped to care for them.

Will you #givelife to these babies?

More About Tessa Grace Nutrition

The Tessa Grace Nutrition Center began in Dondo, Mozambique in 2010. An American family suffered the loss of their granddaughter, Tessa Grace, at birth. This heartache spurred their desire to make a difference in the lives of mothers and babies around the world.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, moms walk from all over the Sofala region to come to Tessa Grace. Many travel 50 miles each week. Once at the center babies are weighed, checked for medical issues, given formula and our Miracle-Mix nutritional supplement to add to porridge, soups and other foods.

In this part of the world, poor nutrition is responsible for nearly half of the deaths of children under 5. Miracle-Mix is our “magic” weapon against this reality. It is a powder consisting of rice, peanuts, corn and moringa leaves. Moringa trees naturally grow in regions of deep poverty. The nutrient-packed leaves can be picked, dried and added to any cooked food. Using our Miracle-Mix in their daily meals gives these babies a chance to grow healthy and strong.

Because of the Tessa Grace Nutrition program, the number of babies lost due to malnutrition is at an all time low.

But the work is not over. You can be part of it.