Welcome to the Short-Term team application process! We are pleased you are considering a trip with Children's Relief International (CRI). Our motto at CRI is to take the light of Christ to the poor in Word and deed. After making a trip with us we hope that you will have a better understanding of what your role may be for future service and involvement.

Referring to the left side bar, we suggest starting the application process from the top and work down.  


The ROLE OF THE RIGHTEOUS WEALTHY is required reading. It should be read before starting the application process. 

The APPLICATION includes general and medical information, a volunteer disclosure statement, and waiver of liability.  The $150 non-refundable trip application fee needs to be paid before submitting the form.

UPLOAD the photo page of your PASSPORT. A scan or a photo taken by your phone are acceptable. Before uploading, check that the scan/photo is legible and the size of the image is 200k or larger. 

The SUPPORT RAISING link applies to those who plan to raise support through CRI. 

The HANDBOOK link is locked (for security purposes). The password will be shared in an auto-response email after you’ve submitted the application and the trip application fee has been paid.   

The Financial Clarity Agreement should be read before you submit the application form. 

If you have any questions feel free to email us.