Support Letter 101

Please read the following information carefully and complete the form below.

A support letter isn't just about asking for money, rather it creates an awareness of faith (yours!) and ministries that would otherwise remain unknown. Your letter is a way to tell others about the need and your willingness to go, serve, and share in Christ's name!

It can be humbling to ask others for financial help, but the results are greater than the risk! Be bold! Be excited! Be confident that what you are trying to do is a worthy cause—because it is! Remember that the purpose of your overseas trip is to physically and spiritually help children and their families living in areas of extreme need. By sending this letter you are inviting others to participate. They will become part of your journey.

We are providing two options to raise support. A paper letter and an online fundraising campaign (think GoFundMe). You can do one or the other or both. 

The instructions following and the form at the bottom of this page applies to both support raising options. The online fundraising page also allows you to upload an optional personal video.

View sample letters by clicking here. 


What we need from you:

Basic info: You will begin the support letter form below by providing your name, best email, and mailing address (for the envelopes)

Candid Photo: Upload an appropriate candid photo of yourself in the highest resolution possible

Text: Write an introductory paragraph announcing that you are going on a short-term mission trip. Word count should be 125 words or less. You will enter this in the box provided below

Contact Information: How do you want people to reach you if they have questions? Phone? Email? Social Media?


How CRI will help:

  • We will place your text in a pre-designed template

  • We will edit your text as needed

  • We will provide the ministry details of your trip

  • We will provide instructions on How to Give along with the amount needed and the due date

  • A PDF version will be sent for your approval. Once approved, you are responsible to print the letter

  • Mailing envelopes (#10s) and CRI return envelopes (both up to 30), will be mailed to the address you shared in the support letter form. If more than 30 of each are needed, there will be a minimal surcharge per envelope. Mailing costs will be deducted from your support


What else you need to do:

  • Create a list with names, postal addresses and/or emails of potential supporters

  • Print the pdf provided

  • Sign your name and write a note. Be personal!

  • Write thank you notes for donations. Don't take your supporters for granted


Feel free to email our Short-Term Teams department by clicking here.

Support Letter Form

Please complete the form in its entirety. Support letters
cannot be processed until all information has been received.