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We seek to equip native pastors to reach the poor and needy with the gospel. 

These men are working to reach their own people for Christ. They are Bible trained and use that training to teach, lead, and plant churches. We support pastors in South Asia, Haiti, and South Sudan. Pastor sponsorships are an effective way to build the church worldwide.


Sponsor a pastor

Each sponsorship is $50 a month and it takes 4 sponsorships to fully fund a pastor's ministry. Your sponsorship enables a pastor to reach the poor with hope of Christ. Your gifts provide materials for teaching, preaching, training, travel expenses, and Bibles, as well as helping with the basic needs of your pastor's family. 


will i hear from my pastor?

Twice a year you will receive a personal update about your pastor and his church. We also invite you to meet your pastor in person through a CRI team trip.