Below are a few helpful tips for navigating the new easy-to-use interface. 

starting a new sponsorship

If you are a new Children's Relief International sponsor, simply navigate to any of the pages above. On those pages, you will find children available for immediate sponsorship. 




Clicking on one of the children will reveal his or her profile and a quick "Sponsor Now" button.








Clicking "Sponsor Now" will take you to your checkout screen. New sponsors will need to fill out the form on the left to complete the sponsorship. 


Once the form is filled out click "Sponsor" to begin your sponsorship. That's it! You will hear from us shortly, with information on your sponsored child. 


viewing your sponsorship account

If you have previously signed up to sponsor a child via our new sponsorship system, you can access your sponsor account to view your sponsored children, view past donation history, send your child a message (where applicable), and more! 

To login to your account click the link marked on the left as "login". Here you will be able to enter  your username and password you created when you completed your sponsorship. 


From your sponsorship account you can view the information for the children you
sponsor, on the left. On the right, you find your personal information. Need to update your address? Just click "Update my info" at the top of that section. Need to update your credit card information? You can simply do that at the bottom of the "My Info" section by clicking "update card".

Please note: we are not able to accommodate sponsors sending messages to children in all of our programs, so this feature may not be available. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Email Us   |    (800) 570-2217