"The best way to fight against the poverty in Mozambique is through educating our people"

~Ercylio, Spark of Hope Project Leader

In Mozambique, only 50% of students will graduate from high school. And it's no wonder. Many are orphans with younger siblings under their care. Others are caring for parents in the late stages of AIDS.  Most live in homes with mud walls that will wash away in the winter rains. Without an education, the cycle of poverty will continue for these students. CRI fights against this future through the Spark of Hope Project.

Spark of Hope builds relationships with young men in high school through sports. We offer biblical training, mentorship, and academic tutoring to those who join one of our four Spark of Hope teams. We have seen outstanding results—90% of our students graduate from high school. But we desire more than academic success for our students. We teach them discipline, integrity, service, and obedience to Christ as a way of life. We commit long-term to these young men with the goal to raise up a generation of Christian leaders able to support themselves and their families.

Spark of Hope is fighting to break the cycle of poverty in Mozambique. Will you partner with us?

∨ Spark of Hope High School Sponsorships ∨

For $20 a month, or $240 a year, you can invest in more than 50 high school students to give them hope for a better future. Sponsorship donations are pooled to support the Spark of Hope Project and the young men who participate.


How your donation helps

Your sponsorship provides our high school students with the basics—school tuition and uniforms, Bibles and notebooks, and tennis shoes for sport practice. It also helps us provide extra assistance like professional tutoring and study groups, discipleship conferences, and monthly financial aid to our neediest students.


our commitment to you

Every three months you will receive an update with personal stories about how God is at work in the lives of our students. We also invite you to join a short-term team to connect with our students face-to-face and see the good your sponsorship is accomplishing.

∨ Spark of Hope University Scholarships ∨

For $40 a month, or $480 a year, you can give our high school graduates the rare chance to fulfill the dream of a university education. Right now we have 13 students in university and hope to double that number in the near future.


How your donation helps

Your donation will provide for the tuition and fees, school resources, and living expenses for one university student through his academic career.


our commitment to you

You will receive two updates per year from your university scholarship recipients, one after the end of the first semester (August) and one after the second semester (January). You are also invited to come meet your student as a short-term team member with CRI.