Spark of Hope


Meet Rafa

Rafa was one of the first students to join Spark of Hope, and his life demonstrates the impact that Spark can make. Through Ercylio’s coaching and tutoring, Rafa became a great handball player, a top-notch student, and a strong Christian leader. Spark of Hope was a refuge for Rafa through hard times—like the loss of his father when he was 17. When Rafa graduated high school he became the first Spark of Hope student to go to university on scholarship. He will graduate university this year with a B.A. in Accounting. He now coaches and mentors many other students. As Ercylio invested in him, now Rafa invests in the lives of other students.

Spark of Hope helps dozens of other young men and women. Like Rafa, their lives are being changed through our sports, discipleship, and tutoring programs. You can make a difference in these students’ lives. With a gift of $20 a month, you can help these students break the cycle of poverty. Want to make a difference?

Will you join us?


    Spark of Hope is battling poverty and injustice in Mozambique by raising up a new generation of young people who love God and accept responsibility for their families and community.

    The Spark of Hope Project is a sports and education ministry serving young people in Dondo, Mozambique. The program was started in 2009 by a young Mozambican man, Ercylio Greva, who coached a handball team of 15 high school-aged boys. He led them in godly character and helped them graduate from high school and go on to university or vocational-technical school. The program has been very effective. The majority of those original students are now attending university, coaching their own Spark of Hope team, and working in high skill jobs. They have become Christian leaders of strong character.

    Spark of Hope now serves over 70 high school students in 5 sports teams. We use the sport of handball to build community and offer mentoring. We provide high school tutoring classes for multiple subjects as well as daily Bible studies. We also provide a feeding program and financial assistance for students in severe need. Over 90% of Sparks students pass their classes and move on to the next grade in high school, compared to the national pass rate of only 50%.

    Spark of Hope also has a university scholarship program for high school graduates. We currently have 19 university students enrolled in local universities on full scholarships—majoring in medicine, accounting, and civil engineering. With an education, these students will be able to find good jobs and care for their families. The chains of poverty are breaking!