South Asia Sponsorship Opportunities


Mudpath’s Preschool

Your sponsorship enables Smriti to reach children in extreme poverty, offering education, nutritious meals and snacks, a uniform, and school supplies. Your gift will also ensure the doors of our preschool stay open, helping to pay teachers' salaries, the monthly costs of renting school rooms, utilities, transportation, etc. Most importantly, these children will hear of how Christ loves them.


Rajah Children’s Home

Your sponsorship guarantees a child a place at the Rajah Children's Home. All of our children attend a quality school and study with a tutor. We also provide school uniforms, day clothes, and shoes. Our kids receive three meals a day and regular medical check-ups.


Tessa Grace Nutrition

Our national leaders identify undernourished babies and children in the poverty-stricken forest region where they work. The program supports two nurses who travel from home to home, providing children with milk and miracle mix while educating mothers on how best to care for their families. We pray for the mothers, children and often the whole household and share the love of Jesus.


Mudpath’s Rescue

Your sponsorship allows a child to attend a Christian boarding school, receive a quality education and live in a safe, protected environment. Children begin by participating in our tutoring program and Bible club. There we work to prepare them for the school entrance exam. They experience the love of Christ through the strong, consistent presence of Smriti and her staff.


Pastoral Sponsorships

Your sponsorship enables a pastor to reach the poor with the hope of Christ. Your gifts provide materials for teaching, preaching, training, travel expenses, and Bibles, as well as helping with the basic needs of your pastor's family. 


Global Water Program

Many families in our world today have no access to clean, running water or even water from a hand-pumped well. Those who live in rural areas have to walk to find it, sometimes for miles. In South Asia, the higher caste will claim a well as their own, leaving those who desperately need it with no access to safe, clean water.


Medical Camps

Provide medicine to those who need care.

Partner with our leader and staff in South Asia


The "G" Brothers

King of Kings Ministries


Ricky & Sarah Allegretto



Mudpaths Ministries


Kara LeTourneau