SHalem Christian Academy

With their parents working all day in the rice fields, the children of Myanmar lack access to appropriate education that could change their lives. Shalem Christian Academy reaches these children with the light of the gospel and the illumination of knowledge.

Give them a comfortable place to learn and grow by advocating for Shalem.

More about Shalem Christian Academy

Lian and Lunnu Thang, our leaders at Shalem Christian Academy, know what it means to grow up in deep poverty. Lian shares "I used to walk to school without shoes in the winter and without an umbrella in the summer under the scorching sun. Many days we would go to school and our teachers would never come, so we would sit by ourselves all day long. I was so hungry I felt the urge to snatch food away from my friends, and on several occasions, I did."

These dire circumstances for children living in deep poverty in Myanmar have not changed. But with your help, the children of SCA will break free from the cycle of poverty and have a bright future.