Our third outcome we look for in our work is raising self-awareness for missions and ministry among young people

To say "young" is not to preclude other ages, but simply to recognize that openness to learning and eagerness for adventure occurs most among people who are just out of high school and college, times in life when we are free to make choices. We raise self-awareness before God through internships that combine mentoring with intense experience overseas. We offer this in a couple different forms.


One Month Overseas Interships

One month is four times as long as a short-term team and for that reason requires a higher level of commitment on the part of the participant. However, it allows for a broader range of experience, greater immersion in Scripture and the impact is comparably greater. 

While interns are with us, we ask them to embrace our mission as theirs. We encourage them not to look down on the poor they work with because Christ himself declared his identification with them. 


Theological Internships

Theological internships are designed for seminary students who want to experience teaching overseas in a place where training is hard to come by. Most internships consist of 1-2 weeks of teaching at a Bible school or seminary overseas. In addition to their teaching, we ask our interns to spend some of their time in a hands-on ministry among the poor.