Project Life reaches out to help AIDS widows and their children—families whose lives are dominated by the disease and the deep poverty that accompanies it. 

Our leader, Noemia Cessito, shares why Project Life was started:

"When awareness and the reality of HIV-AIDS first came to the Dondo Community, I commonly saw despair in the eyes of the diagnosed. Some committed suicide. Others lived in a constant state of depression. Project Life brings hope."

We deliver direct aid to these families through our volunteers. They conduct Bible studies, offer prayer, and provide for specific needs like hospital transport or fixing a leaky roof. Most Project Life families are regular visitors of our food pantry services and the Tessa Grace Nutrition Center where they receive infant formula, vitamins and food supplements. This program also cares for those in their last stages of life, helping with meals, bedding, companionship and prayer. For those with no surviving families, we provide a dignified funeral and burial. Learn more about our Project Life Activistas (volunteers) here.