About half of Mozambique’s 10 million children live in deep poverty. 2 million become orphans (UNICEF). They wander the streets in search of food—many ill and underdeveloped. Trapped by their circumstances, they have no reason to hope for love, shelter, or education.

Our Place of Joy program gives orphans hope for a better tomorrow. 5 days a week, children receive nutritious meals at our facility. Through Bible lessons, songs, and games, they learn their value in Christ’s eyes. Our college-educated teachers go on weekly home visits and care for the children when they become sick.

Because of Place of Joy, these orphans have found a place to experience care and joy in Christ’s name.

How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will keep our Place of Joy program active. Your gifts will pay for children’s meals, educational materials, utilities, and maintenance costs.

Will you receive updates?

You will receive two updates a year about the children in our program.


Partner with us!

Sponsor the children of Place of Joy through a $25/month program sponsorship.