Place of Joy


Meet Ramizia & Helena

Over 2 million orphans live in Mozambique, Africa. The effect of HIV/AIDS has destroyed families for decades. This means that parents die young and children are left to raise their younger siblings. Ramizia and Helena, our Place of Joy leaders, survived this reality when they were orphaned at a young age.

Walking hand in hand, they carried their little brothers on their backs to the Dondo Baptist Church to ask for help. The church adopted this little family and taught them how to dance, worship, and pray. As the years passed, Ramizia and Helena received jobs through their church and entered a training to become teachers. They met the God who is a Father to the fatherless and placed their faith in His Son for salvation. 

Today, Ramizia & Helena are both married and teach middle school. They are raising their kids in a loving home, full of hugs, healthy meals, and lots of prayers to their Savior. Ramizia and Helena have triumphed over their hardship, but they haven’t forgotten.

In 2016, they launched Place of Joy to care for orphans in the Macharote community. It started as a once a week gathering to eat a meal, sing, and learn about Jesus. Now it has grown to a daily gathering. Over 80 HIV+ orphans run through the fields each day to Place of Joy, eager to join their new family for a time of fellowship and fun.

The Lord turned mourning into a dance of joy for both Ramizia and Helena. “You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy” (Ps 30: 11). Now they are teaching the Place of Joy children how to dance. 

You can give an orphan a place of safety, a future of hope, and turn mourning into dancing at Place of Joy. A $25 monthly sponsorship will help cover the cost of food, lodging, and materials for the kids.

Will you be part of the Place of Joy family?


    Approximately half of Mozambique’s 10 million children are living in conditions of extreme poverty. And almost 4 million of these children have become orphans due to their parents dying of HIV/AIDS. This is where Place of Joy comes in.

    Place of Joy brings a taste of goodness and beauty in the midst of injustice and death. Ramizia and Helena bring hope into their lives through home visits, caring for the sick, and passionate prayer. Currently, they have over eighty children involved in the ministry. Each day they come together to sing songs, hear a Bible story, receive food, and play games. Place of Joy is not just an event a few hours each day, but a family to the orphan.

    Long-term they hope to provide education for the children. With this vision, Place of Joy not only makes an immediate difference, but they provide hope for the future. With your gift, you will make a difference for the children of Place of Joy. You will give them a hope of a better future and turn their mourning into dancing.