Approximately half of Mozambique’s 10 million children live in deep poverty. But in the small community of Macharote, over 80 orphans have found a home at Place of Joy. You can make a difference one orphan at a time.

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Helena and Ramizia are sisters who grew up on the streets of Dondo, Mozambique, as orphans. Living with hunger, illness, loneliness, and fear, their story is similar to the 2 million orphans that call Mozambique home. 

What's different about their story is that along the way the Dondo Baptist Church and CRI partners Noemia and Jeronimo Cessito chose to take responsibility for these sisters. The care, education, and exposure to Christ’s love that was shared with Helena and Ramizia made all the difference. Both are now college-educated teachers that have a passion to care for orphans and needy children in their community. In 2016 Helena and Ramizia partnered with CRI and formed Place of Joy. 

Helena and Ramizia share the same hope, care, and love of Christ they were shown with the expectation that some will overcome the harsh realities of living as an orphan in deep poverty. They know it can be done—because it is their story.

To do this the sisters need your prayers and financial support.

Will you help provide a Place of Joy to these little ones?


Place of Joy brings a taste of goodness and beauty in the midst of injustice and death.

Ramizia and Helena bring hope into their lives through home visits, caring for the sick, and passionate prayer. Currently, they have over eighty children involved in the ministry. Each day they come together to sing songs, hear a Bible story, receive food, and play games. Place of Joy is not just an event a few hours each day, but a family to the orphan. 

Long-term they hope to provide education for the children. With this vision, Place of Joy not only makes an immediate difference, but they provide hope for the future.

With your gift, you will make a difference for the children of Place of Joy.

You will give them a hope of a better future and turn their mourning into dancing.