In the Deep Forest region of South Asia, villagers pertain to the lowest class. They live as outcasts, isolated from higher classes and dependent on what their small plots of land can produce. Many struggle to meet their families’ needs. Unaware that God loves them, they see little chance to better themselves. 

Our Deep Forest pastors model Christ’s love to their people through Word and deed. They use their Bible training to teach, lead, and plant churches in their deeply poor communities. They distribute food, maintain water wells, and host medical camps on behalf of those in need.

Because of our Pastor Sponsorships, more men and women discover their identity—not in society, but in Christ.

A pastor’s salary costs $200/month. Four sponsors make this possible for a pastor at $50/month each. One sponsor may contribute more than one-fourth of the total sponsorship (e.g. one sponsor at $100/month)

How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will help fund one pastor’s ministry. Your gifts will pay for their teaching materials and travel expenses, as well as their family’s basic needs.

Will you receive updates?

You will receive three updates a year about our Pastors Sponsorships program and your pastor.


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