Nsanganiza care centre

Families in Nzanganiza and surrounding villages live off of what their small plots of land produce. Without fertilizer, they yield little—tomatoes, corn, and cassava. Children eat one meal a day, on a good day. The meal includes “nsima” (a mixture of corn flour and water) and a serving of vegetables. They consume no protein. School fees—the cost of books, pencils, and a uniform—prevent them from attending public school. Families dream of a better life for their children. The struggle to survive leaves them discouraged.

Our Nsanganiza Care Centre offers encouragement to these families. Five days a week, village children come to our center for four hours. Through Bible stories and prayers, we show them that Jesus cares about their struggles and listens when they call. Our English and math lessons prepare them for primary school. The porridge we feed them gives them energy until their next meal. To some of their mothers, we provide jobs as teacher’s aids and cooks. They, too, receive a bowl of porridge. And the income they earn helps many afford older children’s school fees. 

Because of our Nsanganiza Care Centre sponsors, over 100 children know about the love of God. In Him, we encourage them to dream.

Will you partner with us?

Sponsor the children of our Nsanganiza Care Centre through a program sponsorship of $25/month. With more sponsors, we will feed our children two meals a day instead of one.


How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will keep the doors of our Nsanganiza Care Centre open. Your gifts will cover meal costs, educational materials, and provide tuition scholarships to the neediest children.

Will you receive updates?

Yes! You will receive three updates a year about the children in our program.


Redson & Maryam

Maryam grew up in a Muslim, polygamous family. In the late 90s, her family left Nsanganiza, their village, so that she and her siblings could receive an education in Chilobwe. In secondary school, she met Redson. 11 years later, they married. As they began their life together, the images of Maryam’s childhood—of young girls in marriages, starving children, and struggling widows— pressed on her mind. She and Redson had lived a life of privilege, yet many of their people struggled. She felt burdened and called to serve.

Redson’s calling came early. At a young age, he desired to follow his father’s footsteps and become a pastor. He left Chilobwe to attend private school. When he met Maryam, he saw his passion to serve God compliment her heart for the suffering. With that, the couple returned to Nsanganiza to help their community.

As our international partners in Malawi, Redson and Maryam operate the Nsanganiza Care Centre for women and children. “We hope that once more of our people know His love, Christianity will become the norm,” Maryam explains. Their vision is to reach their community with the love of God.