To be a child of the Dalit caste means there is little chance to better oneself—many believe they are fated always to live in deep poverty.

But at the Rajah Children's Home we teach our kids to have hope. With a quality education they will have a chance for a better future. 


How Much does a sponsorship cost?

For just $40 a month or $480 a year, you can help a child break free from the cycle of poverty!

Because of the large expense of taking care of the needs of the children living in our home, each child may be sponsored up to four times. 


How Does it help?

Your sponsorship guarantees a child a place at the Rajah Children's Home. All of our children attend a quality school and study with a tutor. We also provide school uniforms, day clothes, and shoes. Our kids receive three meals a day and regular medical check-ups. Through the love and care a sponsorship provides, these children are being exposed on a daily basis to the one true God.


Will i hear from my child?

Twice a year, you'll receive an update about your child, which will consist of either a new photo, card, note, or drawing. You will also receive our King of Kings ministry updates.