Equipping Ministers in Myanmar

In the villages of Myanmar, few people have heard the name of Jesus Christ. People embrace animism, unaware that the God of Love longs for a relationship with them. The men and women who attend Kalay Theological College (KTC) are exceptions to this trend. They have heard the story of Jesus and seek greater understanding of his teachings.

KTC students are accustomed to meager incomes. They struggle to afford the cost of tuition and pray for God’s provision. Many borrow money from family members just for travel expenses, unsure of when they will repay them. Even so, they find hope in their greater purpose--to be arbiters of truth. When they graduate from the college, they have the skills required to teach the Bible. Students envision returning to their regions and building schools, counseling individuals, or becoming pastors.

You can support a student of KTC by sponsoring the program at $40 a month.

Will I receive sponsorship updates?

Four times a year, you'll receive an update about the students in our Bible Training Scholarship program worldwide. Updates will consist of photos, stories, and news from our national partners.