In South Asia, many children live in deeply poor neighborhoods. Some inhabit slums, others red-light districts—environments of prostitution, slavery, and substance abuse. As members of the lowest caste (Dalit), they face prejudice. society limits their ambitions. They cannot imagine life outside of poverty.

Our Mudpaths Rescue program offers complete care to the neediest children of Mudpaths Preschools. We help children without able caregivers attend a Christian boarding school. As they participate in Mudpaths Bible clubs and tutoring, we prepare them for the school’s entrance exam. Once they pass the exam, our scholarship covers their tuition and room and board.

Because of our Mudpaths Rescue program, children have a safe environment to live, study, and grow in their relationship with Christ.

Full tuition costs $160/month. Four sponsors make this possible for one child at $40/month each. One sponsor may contribute more than one-fourth of the total sponsorship (e.g. one sponsor at $80/month)

How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will help one student attend a Christian boarding school. Before your child passes the entrance exam, your gifts will pay for the preparation they receive from our Mudpaths Bible clubs and tutoring program (school supplies, tutor salaries, maintenance costs, and utilities). Once they attend the boarding school, your sponsorship will cover their tuition and room and board.

Will you receive updates?

You will receive two updates a year, each about your Mudpaths Rescue student.


Partner with us!

Sponsor a student in our Mudpaths Rescue program, beginning at $40/month.