Since 2000, we have been serving alongside our national leaders in Mozambique.


ray of light

The Ray of Light project is located 20 miles inland from the port city of Beira in the twin villages of Dondo and Mafarinha. Both communities suffer from high rates of malaria and AIDS and regularly visit witchdoctors for healing. The Ray of Light project operates a medical clinic and the Tessa Grace Nutrition Center for malnourished babies and their mothers. One of its programs, Project Life, gives direct aid to widows through food pantry services and our Green Door ministry. And since 2004, our schools have grown from 60 to over 600 children spread over three campuses.


Spark of Hope

During his second year of university, Spark of Hope Director, Ercylio, saw significant percentages of young men and women who dropped out of high school and did little with their lives afterward. He realized that his only reason for escaping this same situation was due to the scholarship given to him.  And the vision for Spark of Hope was born. Ercylio ministers to about 50 men through the sport of handball.



Green Door Homes

We credit Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity, for the vision behind our Green Door Home project. We build low-cost cement block homes with wood trusses and tin roofs—sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Chosen by a local committee, recipients of a Green Door home are usually orphans and widows. We ask these new home owners to help as they are able with construction and to attend home stewardship classes.