Tessa Grace Miracle Milk

The need

Children in deep poverty who lack access to vitamins and nutrients are at greater risk of infection, fatigue, and delayed development. Poor nutrition is responsible for nearly half (45%) of the deaths of children five and under around the world. With just over 160 million children living malnourished lives the need is great!


What is miracle milk?

No, it doesn't come from magic cows! Tessa Grace Miracle Milk combines Children's Relief International's Miracle Mix, which is a combination of ground peanuts, rice, corn, and Moringa leaves, which is then mixed into milk or water.


how you can help!

$10.00 a month provides a glass of miracle milk a day for the needy children we care for. We are looking for sponsors who are ready to take the light of Christ to poor and malnourished children around the world. You can sign up for a Tessa Grace Miracle Milk sponsorship by clicking here.


For more information

Rebecca Deaton
Sponsorship Director