In the Deep Forest region of South Asia, healthcare is a luxury that most cannot afford. Lack of education perpetuates unhygienic practices. Without basic medications, minor illnesses become life-threatening for those living in deep poverty. Many lose their lives to preventable diseases.

Our medical camps help correct an unjust system. Each week, our nurses travel in and out of villages. They offer medicines, hygienic materials, and consultations to those in need. On each visit, they instruct patients on healthy living and develop a treatment plan. Most who attend our camps are children and babies.

How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will keep our Medical Camps program active. Your gifts will cover the costs of medicine and supplies, as well as salaries for our nurses and medical professionals.

Will you receive updates?

Yes! You will receive two updates a year about our nurses and patients.



Partner with us!

Sponsor our Medical Camps through a $25/month program sponsorship.

With your sponsorship, our nurses will host more medical camps in more villages of the Deep Forest region. One medical camp costs $350.