CRI Missionary Lian Thang has a grand
vision for his community in Tahan, Myanmar. 


 “My vision of educating and helping poor children in my community is simply to take them to the knowledge of Christ through education. We plan to build a boarding school because it is the only way to provide children in deep poverty in our community the opportunity to attend school.” 

The Shalem Academy is currently helping 25 local children daily. Five of these children live with Lian and his family due to not having access to schools in their home villages in the Chin hills.



This shack, once used for cooking and storage, is Lians home. His wife Lunu and their three kids - James, Sarah and Salome, along with two younger siblings, 2 nephews and the 5 children from the Chin hills squeeze into this shack each night. That is a total of 14 people. 

Lian describes his living situation this way:

My family has been living in a house that can hardly be called a home for 1 and a half years. In a way it is very humbling for me but on the other hand it is difficult for my family - with a 2 and a half year old son, a 2 year old daughter and now a two month old daughter. It does have repercussion both physically and psychologically to my ministry. There is no space to care for my family or host those in our community. It is impossible to bear the hot and wet brunt of the extreme climate. It has become hazardous to my family thus hampering my ministry from effectiveness. I am sure a proper home for my family ( a stronghold for my ministry’s effectiveness) is necessary for me to be a successful ministry leader. 

Lian has been able to make some improvements on the shack but he clearly needs a quality house to call home.

Please help us build Lian a home for his family. 

The goal is to raise 25,000.00

$10,000 has been raised so far.


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