Looking for support as you go and serve your people in the Majority World? 

We partner with international students who have a vision for their home-country and feel called to Christian service. All of our international partners are natives of the countries in which they minister.

What others say about CRI:

"We are blessed to join CRI because they stand with us to fulfill our dream of reaching South Asia. Together we can fight against the spiritual and economic poverty. Come. Let us stand together."

— J & M, South Asia


"This is our second year partnering with CRI for our work with the poor children, widows, and local pastors of Nigeria. Our experience with CRI strengthens our work in three ways:

  • First, CRI has clear, measurable objectives for caring for the poor—feeding, education, improving quality of life, and church growth—which help us prioritize our work in stages according to our resources.

  • Second, CRI insists on accountability and transparency from their international partners. This gives CRI and its partners confidence to request support for a worthy cause.

  • Third, CRI does a beautiful job creating promotional materials such as newsletters to keep our supporters informed.

    CRI's philosophy of working with native visionaries enables us to do what we feel called to do."

— Dr. Jackson and Blessing Rowland-Adeniyi, Nigeria


"I believe, as does Children's Relief International, that the most powerful means of missions is through visionary, well-trained international partners. Partnership works effectively and beautifully where these men and women lead, and CRI provides structure, resources, and accountability. Our Lord is glorified, the Church multiplies, and critical needs are met."

— Dr. J. Scott Horrell, Professor of Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary

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