Hunger affects the body and soul. We feed both to make a difference.



The Ray of Light Project shares the gospel and conducts food pantry distributions at the Dondo church. Providing sacks filled with beans and oil to the neediest families costs $1000.



A ministry of Project Life, the Soup Solution ladles hot soup into the hands of the hungry and sick every day at the local Dondo hospital. This act of kindness is often the only meal patients will eat that day. It is served along with words of encouragement, the gospel message, and prayer. It costs $50 to serve 35 bowls of soup.


Rice distribution in south asia

We distribute bags of rice in Christ's name to widows and the poorest families of the Deep Forest. $500 will buy enough rice to feed a small village.

Our national missionary, Pastor Isaiah, writes:

"Our people have a strong faith in their Hindu gods. It is difficult to explain that Jesus Christ is the only living God. To get their attention we have started handing out bags of rice. They admitted that never had they received this type of help from anyone. I explained that this gift of rice was very little compared to how our Living God, Jesus Christ, could help them in their lives. Some have started to ask, 'Who is this Jesus?'"