In rural Haiti, families in extreme poverty struggle to feed their children. Parents work longer days on farms and at sea to put something on the table for dinner. Their children receive less affection and hands-on attention. Unable to care for themselves, children become malnourished. School takes last priority.

At our Hesed Children’s Club, we show children hesed: loyal love. Three days a week, children come for Bible lessons, tutoring, and help with schoolwork. Through games and crafts, they learn about the love of Jesus. At the end of our meetings, we feed them a snack. On Saturdays, they receive a nutritious meal.

Because of our Hesed Children’s Club sponsors, children have a loving place to turn, where they find the care they need.

How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will keep the doors of Hesed Children’s Club open. Your gifts will cover meal costs, educational materials, and provide tuition scholarships to the neediest children.

Will you receive updates?

Yes! You will receive two updates a year about the children in our program.


Partner with us!

Sponsor the children of Hesed Children’s Club through a program sponsorship of $25/month.