In Haiti, we provide homes to deeply poor families living in the village of Olivier and nearby mountains.

Most homes in Haiti have mud walls and floors. Their roofs consist of grass and palm leaves. Many use plastic to provide some protection from the rain. Even under normal circumstances, these homes require constant maintenance. So, when disaster strikes, all is lost.

Haiti’s recent natural disasters have left thousands without homes. After the earthquake in 2010, few rebuilt homes served as long-term solutions for families. Then, in 2016, Hurricane Matthew destroyed much of the progress made since 2010. That’s when we expanded our Global Housing program to Haiti. We provided shelter for families in urgent need.

Now, our work continues. We build homes with cement blocks, wood trusses, and tin roofs for sturdiness. With the help of our missionaries and pastors, we choose home recipients—often orphans and widows. If they are able, new home owners help with construction. Many attend our home stewardship classes. 



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Sponsor a home in Haiti. The cost to build a home is $6,500