“It began to hit around 12:30 AM and it’s still going. It is very, very bad. It’s causing lots of damage. It’s sad and heart breaking.”
Photo courtesy of the National Hurricane Center.

Photo courtesy of the National Hurricane Center.

Children's Relief International is accepting donations to help with the Haitian emergency relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti early this morning, and after slowly moving over the southern peninsula of the country, it emerged back over water. The hurricane brought winds over 145 mph and over 40 inches of rain. It continues to disperse large amounts of rainfall causing flash flooding and mudslides.

This violent Category 4 storm is expected to be devastating and catastrophic for Haiti. Our CRI Haitian project leaders, Jean and Jean-Marie Joseph, are located in Miragoâne, which is right in the middle of the area affected by the storm. The Josephs run a Bible school to train rural pastors and minister to local children in need through a tutoring center and Bible club. And while our other CRI Haitian missionary, Luckson Capricien, currently is attending school in the US, his family and the children reached by his ministry in Croix-des-Bouquets have been deeply impacted.

On Monday before the storm hit, Jean expressed his concerns: 

"The government does not have the proper infrastructure in place to effectively face and handle events like this. After many years of facing similar situations the country still does not have a plan in place to help provide even basic essentials for the people. The atmosphere is filled with anxiety, fear, hopelessness, and uncertainty. It is predicted many people will lose their lives, homes, farms and livelihoods."

This morning between 7 and 8 AM we heard from the Josephs again. Here is Jean's update:

"It began to hit the Miragoâne area around 12:30 AM and it's still going. It is very, very bad. It's causing lots of damage. It's sad and heart breaking. We are doing ok, just shaken by the devastation. We have not heard from most family members because of signal issues."

Donations will go to our Haiti project leaders to help their communities recover. Please continue to pray.