"A house is the life-long dream of every poor man."  —Pastor Jeronimo Cessito

We credit Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity, for the vision behind our Green Door Home project. We build low-cost cement block homes with wood trusses and tin roofs—sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Chosen by a local committee, recipients of a Green Door home are usually orphans and widows. We ask these new home owners to help as they are able with construction and to attend home stewardship classes. 

Why the name "Green Door"? The color green recalls the gift of life that God created in Genesis 1. Painting the front door green signifies an act of completion and is a witness to Christ in the neighborhood.  

We have built over 100 homes to date. Will you help us build more? $2500 will provide a deserving family a place to call home. See the videos of available families below.



Families in Need

Below are videos of individuals and families in need of a Green Door Home. With your help, their life can be changed forever by having a home that provides safety from mosquitos infected with malaria, protection from thieves and shelter from the rain.



Elsa Luis

Mario Augusto - SPONSORED!

Helena Chindotana - SPONSORED!

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Zacarias Seda

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