"A house is the life-long dream of every poor man."  —Pastor Jeronimo Cessito

We credit Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity, for the vision behind our Green Door Home project. We build low-cost cement block homes with wood trusses and tin roofs—sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Chosen by a local committee, recipients of a Green Door home are usually orphans and widows. We ask these new home owners to help as they are able with construction and to attend home stewardship classes. 

Why the name "Green Door"? The color green recalls the gift of life that God created in Genesis 1. Painting the front door green signifies an act of completion and is a witness to Christ in the neighborhood.  

We have built over 200 homes to date. Will you help us build more? In Mozambique, the cost to build a home is $2,600. In Haiti, the cost for a home is $6,500.

See the videos of available families below.



Families in Need

Below are videos of individuals and families in need of a Green Door Home. With your help, their life can be changed forever by having a home that provides safety from mosquitos infected with malaria, protection from thieves and shelter from the rain.



Maria Luis (one)

Maria is 50 years old. She is widowed and cares for her granddaughter.

"My house collapsing. It leaks, and there are bugs inside the floor. Bugs, they bite. It's very difficult to sleep. Because of bugs we most of the time ... we are ill."

Catarina Antonio

Catarina is 51 and widowed. Her house has collapsed inside and the roof is sinking in.

"I'm most of the time sick due to the malaria and bugs makes my body itch, and I scratch almost all night. With a cement block home, I will have a place where I'll live without mosquitoes and bugs. It's going to help."

Augosta Oficial

Augusta is blind and his wife cares for him. They have four kids and farm to provide for their family. 

"The walls are cracking. I think that it is not going to stand for a long time. It might collapse at any time. During the rain, my wife is the one who tried to support so that we can hide and we don't get wet."

Celestina Zeca

Celestina is 27 and cares for her four kids, two of which are disabled. Her husband passed last year.

"I would love to encourage you to help my family. Please help me with a house because a house will provide a shelter for my kids."

Eulalia Linguissone

Eulalia is a 38 year old widow with six kids. She farms for a living.

"The house that we live in is collapsing. It's leaking, and whenever the rains fall, it wash the walls out. If we are blessed with a cement block home, we think our sufferings going to end because we will not wonder about putting mud up after every rain season."

Florencia Jeful

Florencia is a widow caring for two grandkids. All 11 of her children have passed away. Her house is collapsing.

"With cement block home, I know that my grandkids will have a place where they can stay, even if I get out, wet with the rain, I know that I have a dry place where I can come and stay with my grandkids. So I think a green door home will be useful for me and my grandkids. I will live well."

Luisa Armando

Luisa is a widow living with three of her grandkids. She collects and sells charcoal for work.

"...my grandkids will have a place where they can live and continue going to school with the hope of a place where they can live. I pray that you will be helping me with the house."

Amelia Antonio

Amelia is 38 years old and widowed with eight children. She farms  to provide for her family.

"Our house leaks. The rats have eaten the plastic. When the rain falls, we don't have a place to sleep, and it's very difficult with my little ones. There are rats, mosquitoes."

Adelina August

Adelina is a 43 year old widow with three kids. She has HIV and works as an Activista to provide ministry to the sick and dying.

"I live with my parents. It's very difficult for me to live with my three kids with my parents because we don't even have enough room to live. My desire is to have my own house where I can live with my children."

Domingas Mola

Domingas and his wife have been married for 38 years. They have three kids and four grandkids that love with them.

"We suffer from mosquitoes, bugs, because the walls are collapsed, and mosquitoes and bugs get inside the house at any time"

Maria Luisse

Maria was "born a long time ago" and cares for her granddaughters. Their parents dies last year.

"Our house is collapsing as you can see in the background. There's a plastic. This prevents from rain to wash the wall out of the house. The house leaks. I have gathered some grass, but now I'm looking for people to help me climb on the roof so that I can place the grass.”

Zelinha Sixpence

Zelinha is 56 and lives with three of her five children. Her husband recently passed away.

"Please help me. I live ... I'm the mom and I take care of my kids. I'm old and my children are still young. So please help me with the house so I can provide a shelter for my children."

Maria Luis (two)

Maria is 35 and married with six kids. They sell charcoal and farm to support their family.

“Our house not have a plastic, and the grass (roof) is rotten. The walls are cracking all over. If I put mud, it collapse all the time because the poles were eaten by termite, so it doesn't stand anymore. The walls are falling apart.”


Below are videos of individuals and families who have received Green Door homes—from people just like you. View the stories and listen to the joy and gratefulness of these new homeowners.



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