When the rains come in Haiti, many families have to sleep standing up due to leaking thatch roofs. These homes wash away and even collapse when the rain is heavy, many times while the family is inside. You can help build homes that last for generations.

Join us and be the builder!

More About Green Door Haiti

Many own their own land and some even begin purchasing materials like concrete blocks in order to build their home over time, but it can take years before they are able to actually start building. CRI expedites this process by helping to construct simple, decent affordable homes with the direct participation of the families. Qualification is based on their needs and income and is determined by our national leaders and their staff. Families are also taught basic financial management and stewardship skills.

Green Door provides homes for some of the very poorest people in our world today. We received this note from one recipient of a house.

“I am most grateful to God for the manner in which He used CRI to bless my life. I have always dreamed of having my own home. Now, through your powerful hand, God has brought to pass the greatest dream of my life.”