Global Water Program


WAter Today

Many families in our world today have no access to clean, running water or even water from a hand-pumped well. Those who live in rural areas have to walk to find it, sometimes for miles. They bring it home in heavy jugs. Often they are able to carry only one day's worth at a time. This means that their trip has to be repeated every day. Water that comes from ponds and rivers is usually contaminated with animal feces. Every 90 seconds, somewhere in our world, a child dies from a disease brought on by dirty water.

We drill our wells in rural areas of Mozambique, South Asia and Haiti. In these places, the brunt of finding water falls on the wives and daughters. Fetching it prevents the women from working and the daughters from attending school.

WOuld You Help?

We can drill a well with a durable steel head and cement cover for about $5,000. They reach over 200 feet deep because that is where the water is clean. Each serves up to 200 families. We drill our wells next to churches so that a pastor or community leader will take responsibility for it. They make sure the water is fairly distributed and the well is maintained in working order.


Our Commitment TO YOU

We have been serving women and children and families in deep poverty for almost 20 years. When we commit to a project site, we stay as long as we are needed. We stay until the standard of living of the entire community has risen. We bring with us the light of Christ. His light brings with it not just clean water, but medical care, hunger relief, housing, education, and a renewed spirit as well. We promise that your gift will be used for the neediest of God's people.

Take a trip

See a water well for yourself. We have teams on mission all summer long.

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