Project Esperança



For nearly eight years Francisca has cared for children in the villages of Marracuene, Mozambique. Francisca’s faith in Christ brought her to the point where her heart broke for children who are raised in broken homes and with little education. For years she has faithfully brought hope to the two-hundred children through providing education, nutrition and medical care in their day-center. In addition, she raises three boys who are strong lights for Christ: Bento, Luis, and Ruffino.

Today that center is ready for the next step of development. Real classrooms allow students to sit in desks with a roof over their head instead of in the wet sand. A dining hall with proper kitchen would equip the cooks to serve more children hot meals. 

Francisca’s dream is for the children to have the facilities necessary to transform their lives. Her dream is to build a school where they will gain a solid education, grow up healthy and come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.