Short-term Teams Mobilizer

If you love both God and His people, if you like adventures, and if you’re an excellent story-teller (or at least are willing to learn), you could be our next Teams Mobilizer. It’s an important job. When teams visit our international projects, they grow and flourish, kids are helped, and people get to know Christ in personal ways. Teams give our work momentum and sustainability. We have also seen that face-to-face exposure to deep poverty can awaken others to faith, compassion and generosity like no other experience. Hospitality and a deep sense of purpose are key. Our Teams Mobilizer has the great privilege of taking Christ to the poor and sharing that experience with others.

Here’s how…



Teams are the driving force behind the growth of our international projects. To help more kids, we need more teams, and it’s your job to find them.

  • Tell stories—stories of real people with faces and names whose lives have forever changed because of one of our teams

  • Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and Bible study group to join a team. We want your dentist and your 4th-grade teacher too! The more people who see and experience God’s heart for the poor, the more babies we can feed, kids we can educate and families we can point toward Christ

  • Connect us to churches and churches to us. Unite God’s people in partnership to take Christ to the poor



We hope you like to travel! You will lead four to six teams per year to our projects overseas.

  • Before: Walk your team members through the in’s and out’s of travel to a foreign country and what to expect from a CRI team trip. Talk about culture, individual expectations, team values, and lots of details

  • During: Bond with our top-notch project leaders in Africa, South Asia and Haiti. Cast a vision for compassion and service as you and your team share Christ’s love in tangible ways

  • After: Keep those relationships strong. Encourage your team to follow-up their convictions with action. Plug them in as a sponsor, an advocate or volunteer

  • Then: Do it all again



  • Passionate about serving God and loving the poor

  • Looking for an adventure

  • Likes to flex and adapt

  • Good at having fun

  • Enjoys going deep with relationships and experiencing other cultures

  • Has an affinity for airports

  • Details, details, and more details!

  • Agreement with CRI’s Statement of Faith



  • Come join us here at our offices in Rockwall, Texas. It’s a great place to live and work. 30-50% of your time will be spent traveling to our projects overseas. Lucky you!



  • You’ll raise personal support for your salary, and we’ll help you do it. (Your salary is based on experience, education, skill level, etc.). And don’t forget about all those airline miles!