grace & knowledge academy - Jege, nigeria

The children at the Grace & Knowledge Academy (GKA) come from desperately poor homes. At GKA they receive a quality education built upon the foundation of God’s Word. We speak Christ’s love through daily worship and Bible classes. We show Christ’s love through hot lunches, warm clothes, medical care, and lots of hugs. As an elementary teacher at GKA, you will serve alongside CRI’s Nigerian project leaders. “The open doors at GKA mark the realization of our dream, but it is too big a dream, too wide, too strong and too important for us alone. With your help we can do it” (Jackson and Blessing Rowland-Adeniyi).

Here's how...


Show grace.

"There will always be a big smile and a warm hug for our kids" (Blessing Rowland-Adeniyi). The children at GKA come from hard backgrounds. We want to make our school a safe place, a fun place for them to learn each day.

  • Teach and show the gracious character of our God to growing hearts and minds.
  • Recognize students’ talents and help them reach their potential.
  • Create a grace-filled classroom environment. Our students need a safe place to take risks and make mistakes.
  • Teach children to respect their parents, teachers and classmates.
  • Use God's Word to teach each lesson and each lesson to teach God's Word.


Teach Knowledge.

Education is a great privilege especially for kids in deep poverty. Inspire a love for learning in your students, build confidence and encourage dreams.

  • Create lesson plans that make learning fun.
  • Offer one-on-one help to students as needed. Most of our kids don't receive help at home.
  • Share classroom experiences, ideas, and resources with local teachers, and encourage them in the process.
  • Keep accurate records of students' progress, grades and attendance.
  • Help keep our school running smoothly. Assist with enrollment processes and participate in staff meetings and extra-curricular activities.


Exhibit love

You are a teacher on a mission to show Christ's love to the community through both word and deed.

  • Visit our kids in the their homes. Pray with their families. Learn their needs and offer help and support when able.
  • Empower parents by hosting meetings where they can learn how to better manage their money and care for their children.
  • Serve the community. Show love in word and deed.
  • Develop relationships with the children and their guardians through home visits and community activities.



  • Personal understanding of the gospel and the ability to communicate it to children.
  • An adventurous spirit.
  • Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education or related field.
  • Experience in teaching and/or cross-cultural ministry.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with sensitivity to other cultures.
  • Agreement with CRI's Statement of Faith



  • Join our team at the Grace and Knowledge Academy in south-central Nigeria. They’re ready for you!



  • You’ll raise personal support for your salary, and we’ll help you do it. (Your salary is based on experience, education, skill level, etc.).


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