Donor Engagement Officer

Only through the generosity and commitment of our donors does our mission of taking Christ to the poor go forward. Together we educate child laborers in South Asia. We bring hope in the form of a hot bowl of soup to widows in Mozambique. We offer freedom to young girls facing a future of slavery in a brothel. As CRI’s Donor Engagement Officer, your job is to let our supporters know they are appreciated and that their gifts make a difference. Your job is to change lives by raising money. When God’s people partner with us we can do great things. 

Here's how...



Our donors are oceans away from the families and children being helped by their gifts. They may never meet face-to-face. That’s where you come in. 

  • Use stories, names and faces to paint a picture of the impact our donors have made in the lives of real people

  • Help us find a better process to consistently thank our donors—more hand-written notes, photo books, videos, phone calls and face-to-face visits



We want to be known as the friendliest organization around, and you are our first point of contact with our donors. 

  • Use hospitality and gratitude to make a great first, second and third impression

  • Invite existing and potential donors to join us in Rockwall for a visit. Use that time to cast a vision for deeper friendships and greater works in taking Christ to the poor



You are a bridge builder, connecting children and families in deepest poverty with compassionate people who can help. 

  • Introduce the community to us. Help develop partnerships with churches, schools and businesses

  • Invite others into the privilege of serving the poor. Host fundraisers, recruit advocates and move God’s people to compassion and action



  • Passionate about connecting those in deep poverty with those who can help

  • An attitude of gratitude

  • Outgoing relational personality

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, sales or equivalent experience

  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills

  • Knowledge of basic non-profit fund development techniques

  • Strong ethical character capable of handling confidential and financial information

  • Proficient in Pages, Word, and Numbers and/or Excel

  • Agreement with CRI’s Statement of Faith



  • Come join us here at our offices in Rockwall, Texas. It’s a great place to live and work. 25% of your time will be spent traveling the U.S. to strengthen donor relationships and another 10% of your time to our projects overseas.



  • You’ll raise personal support for your salary, and we’ll help you do it. (Your salary is based on experience, education, skill level, etc.)