Serve with us!





For well over a decade we have taken Christ to the poor in areas of need. we have built houses for widows, drilled water wells, provided nutrition and medicine, erected churches, trained pastors, cared for and educated children, and raised the quality of life in their families and communities. 




Is children's Relief International a good fit for me?

Are you interested in reaching, helping and serving God's poorest children? If yes, the first and most important question has been answered. Our mission is to take Christ to the poor through both Word and deed. A key part of our work is to care for and educate children, raising the quality of life in their families, and communities.

As a part of CRI, you agree with our evangelical Statement of Faith and embrace our values of gratitude, the pursuit of humility, hospitality, and service.

Working successfully with CRI means you bring education or a skill that helps us fulfill our mission. We seek those driven by the desire to reach needy children and families in our world. Our staff offers a friendly but professional environment to work together toward global missions.


What's in it for me?

  1. You will grow in self-awareness before God and develop a strong sense of purpose in life. 
  2. You will have opportunities to develop courage as you work to alleviate some of our world's most intractable problems.
  3. You will work toward accomplishments you can be proud of. 
  4. You will have opportunity to work with other like-minded Christians, pursuing service in the same direction.


What are the next steps?

By God's grace, CRI continues to grow. We support a dozen projects in eight countries and believe God will allow us to do much more. Do you believe you might have a place with us? If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.


Is god calling me to raise support as a missionary?

Support raising is a valley that all missionaries cross to serve in the hill country of global missions. Our experience is that God's people will support God's work. Most missionaries need only about 40 individuals to meet their support goals. We will help you with strong support for clarity in purpose, colorful presentations, quality materials, and coaching.