What better way to change a village for Christ than through the children?

Noemia Cessito, our Ray of Light Project Leader, says:

"My dream is to develop a Christian school in a safe place, with decent food for lunch, where we can teach the Word of God freely."

The El Shaddai Christian School is transforming individual lives and the community—and you have the chance to be a part of it!  


HOW MUCH DOES a Sponsorship COST?

For just $40 a month or $480 a year, you can change a child's life!



Your sponsorship keeps our El Shaddai Christian School doors open. Donations provide our kids a nutritious lunch each school day as well as medical check ups. Your gifts pay staff and teacher salaries, utilities and building repairs, provide bus fuel and maintenance, buy supplies and books for classrooms, and more. Through your gifts, hundreds of children will have the chance to break the cycle of poverty, gain a better future and, most importantly, learn how much Jesus loves them.


WILL I Receive Updates?

You will receive 4 updates a year, each with the story of an El Shaddai child who has been helped through your sponsorship. You will also receive our Ray of Light project letter.