The city of Dondo, Mozambique has one hospital. And most of its deeply poor population cannot afford health care. The prevalence of HIV and malaria leaves many in need of medication. But with only one hospital, they may wait two days. Even in emergency situations, doctors and nurses cannot tend to patients for hours. 

Our Dondo Clinic offers an immediate alternative to those who seek medical attention. In partnership with the Mozambican government, we provide consultations and long-term treatment plans to patients. Our funds cover the costs of clinic maintenance and equipment, as well as staff salaries. And we stock the clinic with first-aid materials and medications.

With more financial support, we will increase our medical staff. And, with time, we will open another clinic.

Interested in working at our Dondo Clinic? Volunteer with us! Join us on one of our short-term teams to Mozambique.

How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will keep the doors of our Dondo Clinic open. Your gifts will pay for medical supplies, medications, and clinic maintenance, as well as staff salaries.

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