The children in our Children of Light program have experienced unimaginable trauma. The wars in South Sudan forced them to flee their home. Most of their loved ones have died, so many have become orphans. Now, they live alongside 58,000 African refugees in Uganda’s Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. As strangers in a foreign land, the children struggle to understand their identity. They long to find purpose in their lives. Their caregivers—many, widows—feel trapped by their circumstances. Their skill-set does not earn them a proper wage. Without capital, the goods they make cannot compete in the local market. School fees—the meager cost of books, pencils, and a uniform—keep them from sending the children to school.

Our Children of Light program helps these children find their purpose. With the help of our international partner, Pastor Martin, we hold Sunday school classes for over 60 child refugees in the settlement. Of these, we identify the neediest orphans and pay for their schooling. Five days a week, they take Christian Religious Education (CRE), life skills, and core subjects at a school in the area. On weekends, they participate in Pastor Martin’s ministry.

Because of our Children of Light sponsors, we have invested in the education of 12 children. Through the Gospel, we teach them to live with purpose.

How will your sponsorship help?

Your financial commitment will keep our Children of Light program active. Your gifts will help our students attend Christian primary and secondary schools in the area.

Will you receive updates?

Yes! You will receive two updates a year about the children in our program.


Partner with us!

Sponsor the children of Children of Light through a program sponsorship of $25/month.